Established in 1991, Omphalos Corp. is a Taiwanese professional equipment supplier headquartered in Taoyuan County, Taiwan and traded on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OMPS.OB). We supply a wide range of equipment and parts including refurbished and modified reflow soldering ovens and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers in Taiwan and China.

With philosophy of innovate to change, technical advancement, profits sharing, and achievements in common, we persistently make improvement in know-how with a view to provide the electronics industry with good solutions.

Our clients are mainly noted Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giants, including Quanta Computer Inc., MiTAC International Corp., Universal Scientific Industrial Co., ASUS, Gigabyte, and Advantech in Taiwan, and Foxconn group, QSMC, etc. in China. Our customers' end products include desktops, cell phones, laptops, PDAs, DVD players, mp3 players, game consoles, GPS, etc.

We adopt three quality strategies of developing advanced technology, pursuing high quality, and offering good service. With the technical team that covers all aspects, we have the advantage of representing and marketing equipment for original manufacturers and providing technical supports. It further links with world's top technical R&D centers to form integral cooperative mechanisms between industries.

At present, enterprises experience increasingly great difficulty in operating their business, because of scanty profits made by the manufacturing sector nowadays, as well as worldwide prevalence of blunder-laden manufacturing processes and counterfeiting. We integrated 2D barcode technology with laser marking technology; Our lengthy R&D led to the emergence of an impressive CO2 2D Barcode laser marker which, coupled with our sophisticated patented technology, enables enterprises and manufacturers to effectively reduce the costs in various conventional production lines, control risks in logistics management, and protect their hard-earned intellectual property in distribution and marketing.